Entering a book-world


  • The ability to enter books only works on certain books (the so-called ‘rare books’).
  • The player must find these books and then step on them in the small size.
  • Each main level has its own set of book worlds.

The micro player has the ability to magically enter the ‘world’ of a book. However, this ability only works on specific pages of particular books, (known as rare books), and so the player will have to engage in much exploration to find the pages that s/he can enter. The pages are often scattered in the level requiring the player to find both the pages and the book that the pages belong to.

This limitation brings the following advantages:

1. It makes the book world easier to design, as it limits their size
2. It makes the book world easier to explore, as they only consist of a small sized 'world'
3. As the pages are scattered through the main level, the player has a 'carrot' to explore the main level.

Although finding a book world is an optional task, the player will be highly motivated to do so, as the book worlds are offering unique spaces that differ greatly from the main level. Furthermore, the book worlds often have rare treasures for the player to uncover.

Each main level has its own set of book worlds. Please refer to the level sections to find out more about the specific book-worlds the player can access.

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