• The book boat allows the player to reach the secret basement area.
  • However, the boat is docked.
  • The player must find a way to launch it.
  • Riding the boat presents a challenge, as the player needs to find a way to let light into the basement area.
  • (This section details how to launch the boat and how to light the basement.
  • The level maps section describes the basement area space.

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Description of obstacle

tag_story.gif Murals in the library reveal that it was originally the only library available in the country. Eager for the spread of knowledge, the royal family commissioned a book boat that would sail the country. The boat is hidden away in the lower echelons of the library, which contain a small, man-made, indoor river that was used to launch the boat on its journey.

Launching the boat


The boat is docked to the launch area with an anchor to keep it still.

  • advantage.jpg It is possible for the giant player to break the docking and anchor chains.
  • disadvantage.jpg However, the force of the player’s movements will cause some of the rarer books on the boat to fall into the river.
  • advantage.jpg If the player is quick enough at changing sizes, s/he can retrieve the fallen books from the water before they are damaged.
  • advantage.jpg The smaller player can climb the rusty chains and kick the rust until the chains disintegrate, allowing the boat to be freed without causing damage.

Lighting the basement

The later sections of the passageway are completely dark which make it difficult for the player to see where s/he is going. There are multiple ways to fill the passageway with light.


The giant player can smash the ceiling that is above the passageway.
advantage.jpg By smashing the ceiling, light can fill the passageway.
disadvantage.jpg The disadvantage of doing this is that the rooms above the ceilings will have no floors, which will prevent the player from exploring these rooms.

The upper rooms contain trap doors on the floors. The normal player can open these trap doors to let the light flow into the boat area.
advantage.jpg This avoids damaging the rooms.
disadvantage.jpg However, it is slightly cumbersome as it involves much back tracking.
disadvantage.jpg The trap doors only allow light into certain areas of the boat tunnels, so there will still be sections where it is dark.

The pole that connects the carriage lamp to the boat has an ornate design which the micro player can use as platforms to reach the candle.
advantage.jpg By running on the candle wick the player, will create friction causing the candle to light. This will illuminate the player’s journey through the passage.

Gameplay qualities

theorytag_gameflow.gif theorytag_riskincentive.gif
The puzzle offers an interesting challenge for players and the reward of a new space to explore. Completing the puzzle involves risk, as the player may end-up sacrificing his/her access to particular rooms.

How does the player learn the solution?

theorytag_instinctive.giftheorytag_trialerror.gif theorytag_vocabulary.gif theorytag_pacing.gif
Accessing the boat itself requires a great deal of exploration to find the entrance to the basement. Hence, by this point the player will already have a large vocabulary and will be used to trying many approaches. The appearance of the flames and chains offer visual clues.

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