Bookcases With Odd Books

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Books with secret passage ways


When the player passes a bookshelf that contains a particular collection (such as the science collection, the ancient Egyptian collection etc), s/he should keep an eye out for books that do not belong in the collection. Pulling the odd book from the shelf may reveal a secret passage way.

Big size technique

  • advantage.jpg When the giant player runs past such bookshelves, a hollow echo-like sound is made. This provides an audible clue to the existence of the passageway.
  • disadvantage.jpg When running, the player must be careful not to break any old floorboards, which could block access through the library particularly for when the player switches to the small and normal sizes.

++Small/normal size techniques

  • disadvantage.jpg The small player size makes it very difficult to identify odd books.
  • disadvantage.jpg The normal player needs a sharp eye to spot the books….
  • advantage.jpg… however, there is no danger of accidentally destroying floor boards.

Books with hidden treasures


Other odd books may hold treasures inside of them or keys that can be used to access other secret areas.

Big size technique

  • advantage.jpg As before, the player’s running movements will provide an audible clue as the vibrations will cause the treasure to hit against the inside of the book. This audible clue is different from the hollow sound that indicates a hidden passage way.
  • disadvantage.jpg However, there is still the risk of breaking old floor boards.

Small/normal size techniques

  • The techniques for this size are the same as 'Books with secret passage ways' (see above).

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