Bookcases With Chains

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Description of obstacle

As the library is old, some of the rare books are chained to the bookcases, which was a common practise in antiquity.

The rare books often contain parts of the inner world, but the chains prevent the big player from placing the books on the ground for the smaller player to access.


The player has a number of options to overcome this problem:

Big size techniques

As the big character, the player can tug the chain.

  • advantage.jpg This will break the chain, freeing the book for the player.
  • disadvantage.jpg However, the force will also topple the bookcase damaging any rare books it contains.

Small size techniques

  • The small sized player can climb the chains and will see that rust is forming on them.
  • advantage.jpg By kicking the rust (using the jump attack), the chain will snap without damaging the rest of the bookcase.

How does the player learn the solution?

theorytag_instinctive.gif theorytag_trialerror.gif theorytag_scripted.gif
The chains rattle if the giant player moves past them, which provides an audible clue to provoke curiosity. The other solutions can be deduced through trial and error. When the chains first appear, the rust on them will be particularly visible, causing a sample of player character dialogue to play which states "These rusty chains are about to fall a part". This should give the player a clue to investigate the rust.

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