Book throwing Ghost


  • These ghosts sleep behind bookcases, emitting snoring 'Zs'.
  • If the player touches the Z the ghost will awake and start throwing books.
  • If the player is hit by a book s/he will take damage.
  • If a rare book is thrown, the book world contained in the book will be destroyed.
  • Each play size has various strategies to combat the ghosts.

Description of the obstacle


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If the player wakes-up the ghost, the ghost's magic causes the bookcase to turn transparent allowing the player to see their actions.

Normal player techniques

  • disadvantage.jpg The normal player can take damage from the flying books.
  • disadvantage.jpg The normal player has no means to defeat the ghost and so must run from the area.
  • advantage.jpg If the normal player throws a light atom (refer to section 6.2.9)in the book case, the ghost will run away.
  • disadvantage.jpg However, the normal player can only do this if the ghost is asleep. An awoken ghost will throw a book at the player to make him drop the atom.

Small player techniques

  • advantage.jpg The small player can walk past without waking the ghosts.
  • disadvantage.jpg The bookcase is too tall for the small player to throw a light atom into the bookcase.
  • advantage.jpg However, the small player can creep up to the boundaries of the book case without waking the ghost. From this position, by changing back into the normal player, it is much easier to use the light atom.

Big player techniques

  • advantage.jpg The large player cannot take damage from the books.
  • disadvantage.jpg However, his/her presence will still cause the books to be thrown and destroyed.
  • advantage.jpg Jumping behind the bookcase will scare the ghosts away.
  • disadvantage.jpg However, by the time the player has jumped behind the bookcase, the ghosts may have destroyed valuable books.

How does the player learn the solution?

theorytag_instinctive.gif theorytag_vocabulary.gif theorytag_pacing.gif
The books move with force and crumble on impact with the ground which will visually indicate that they are deadly.
These ghosts occur later on in the level when the player’s vocabulary will already have an understanding of how to deal with them.

3D Concept Movies

Movie 4a, Movie 4b, 4c, & 4d - Demonstrates the book-throwing ghost puzzle.

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