Aviation Blocking Puzzle


  • A sky background blocks the player.
  • Books fly in the air, moving around in different positions.
  • The flying books change into platforms when the player hits them with non-flying books.
  • Carefully timing the throwing of these other books is essential to solve the puzzle.

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Arrangement of obstacle


A wall with cloud images appears between the bookshelves. Three books float between the shelves. The covers of the books flap like wings. The books continually move around (across all three directional axis) following a set pattern.

Puzzle Mechanics


Throwing books at the flying books causes them to change into floating platforms, which can be used to jump over the wall.

There are, however, two problems.

Firstly, unlike the books, the platforms do not move. Hence, if the platforms are too high, the player won’t be able to jump on them.


Secondly, after a few moments, the platforms turn back into books.


Overcome the above-described problems requires the players to wait until the flying books are in a step-like formation, with one book being low down and another being high up. That way, when the player transforms the books into platforms, it will be easy for the player to climb them as stairs to overcome the background.

How will the player work this solution out?

theorytag_instinctive.gif theorytag_trialerror.gif
As the flying books move according to a set pattern, the player will instinctively know that they can be used to cross the wall. The player will instinctively try to knock the flying books down, and as books are the most readily projectile available, they will quickly learn that the flying books can be transformed into platforms.

Learning to wait until the flying books are in a set position is achieved through trial and error.

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