Criminology Blocking Puzzle


  • A retractable jail bar background blocks the player.
  • The bars move when pushed, but quickly return to the blocking position before the player can escape.
  • The player must find a way to keep the bars open long enough to escape.

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Arrangement of obstacle


Jail bars appear between the two bookcases, blocking the player’s progress.

Puzzle mechanics

[Grey bars represent books cases]. Performing a jumping attack on the bars pushes them forwards….


…However, the bars instantly return into the previous position. Furthermore, the gap created is too small for the player to pass through.



The player is able to carry a book when performing the jump attack. Throwing the book into the gap prevents the bars from fully retracting to their original position.


By repeating this technique, the player can build up a stack of books to create a gap that is large enough to pass through. However, the player will have to ensure the stack on both sides of the bars is balanced to prevent it from collapsing under the weight of the bars.


Finding the right size of books is essential. Large books may not fit in between the gap. Using books that are too small will require the player to repeat the process many times in order to ensure the gap between the bars and bookcases is large enough to pass through.

How does the player learn the solution?

Player instincts will cause them to jump into the bars. The movement of the bars provides an indirect clue that something is needed to make the gap bigger.

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