Gameplay Considerations


  • There are three key gameplay considerations that relate to the blocking puzzles:
    • Sense of mystery
    • Sense of freedom
    • Options available to the player

Sense of mystery

The theatre like stages appear between the shelves and so block the player’s access to a particular route of the library. This helps to retain the sense of the ‘mystery’ in the library space, as the player cannot access every route from the start. It also increases the sense of direction in the space, as it more clearly define the routes of the library area.

Sense of freedom

Only the normal player can solve the blocking puzzle, as the magic of the books cancels out the big size, while the small size does not assist in completing the challenge.

The blocking puzzles are the only obstacle that requires the player to play as the normal size. This creates the impression that the normal size is the preferred size of the game. Hence, when the player uses a different size (in the other obstacles), s/he will obtain a greater sense of freedom, as s/he will feel that s/he is deviating from the preferred size.

Options available to the player

When the player is approached with a blocking puzzle, s/he has four options:

1. Solve the puzzle. This will allow the player to access the blocked route.

2. Leave the puzzle and explore another part of the library. The player can come back to the blocking puzzle at anytime. Although the player needs to solve at least one blocking puzzle in order to progress through the level, there are plenty of spaces for the player to explore until s/he solves the puzzle. Exploring the library may allow the player to learn a clue or expand his/her player vocabulary, which will assist in solving the puzzle.

3. Find another puzzle. If the player cannot solve one puzzle, s/he can attempt another one. Although this will prevent him/her from accessing the area that is guarded by the puzzle that s/he cannot solve, the gameflow will not be interrupted, as the player will have a new puzzle to tackle.

4. Find a near-by germ world. Reaching the end of the germ world provides the player with a new goal to complete which prevents the halt of gameflow. If the player can find a germ city, s/he may be able to buy a clue to solve the puzzle.

The presence of these options prevents the player from being frustrated, as s/he will always be able to access a new goal to attempt if s/he cannot solve the current blocking puzzle.

3D Concept Movies

Movie 2c, 2d & 2e - Demonstrates the four options available to the player and the blocking effect of the puzzles.
Movie 2f - Demonstrates how the player can purchase clues to solve blocking puzzles at the germ city.

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