Gardening Blocking Puzzle


  • A garden background blocks the player.
  • Jumping on a nearby vine will the background to lift upwards like a draw-bridge.
  • However, moving away from the vine causes the background to return back down before the player can escape.
  • The player needs to find a way to keep the background suspended upwards.

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Arrangement of obstacle


A wall depicting a garden scene is placed in-between the bookcase. Placed in front of the left bookcase is a large vine. The right bookcase has several spiky thorns growing from it.


If the player touches the vine, s/he will become tangled in it. S/he can, however, still jump and jumping repeatedly will cause the background to lift up.


Pressing the [[player-abilities-and-controls | interact button]] will cause the player to break free from the vine. However, when the player lands on the ground, the wall will fall back into place.


The player can carry a book with him/her when s/he is entangled in the vine. If s/he throws it between the gap, the wall won’t be able to fully return to its original position when the player lands.


Repeating this technique enough times will allow the gap under the wall to be high enough for the player to pass through.


However, the player must be restrained with his/her jumping movements, as s/he will take damage when hitting the thorns on the right side bookcase. The thorns on this bookcase continually move according to a set pattern, so careful timing will be required to avoid them.

How will the player work this solution out?

The player will instinctively jump at the vine. Upon doing this, s/he will discover that it can control the wall. The gap that appears offers a clue to assist in solving the puzzle.

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