Geology Blocking Puzzle

  • Volcanoes emit deadly vertical streams of lava.
  • By throwing books on top of the streams and learning the timing of the eruptions, the player will be able to jump on the flow of lava and use the additional height it provides to overcome the background.

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Arrangement of obstacle


An image of volcano appears in-between the bookcases. In front are several small mounds in the ground that emit geysers of hot lava according to a set pattern.



Observing the patterns of the eruptions is vital to avoid taking damage.


The player can throw a book onto of a mound and then can jump onto of the book.


The player will then be high enough to jump over the wall.


The player must be quick, as after a few moments the book will disintegrate, causing the player to burn in the lava.


The player must not jump in the direction of the background image, or else s/he will burn on the lava that continually erupts. Instead the player must jump on one of the bookcases, and use it to by pass the background image.

How will the player work this solution out?

theorytag_instinctive.gif theorytag_trialerror.gif theorytag_scripted.gif
The timed occurrence of the eruption will cause the player to instinctively know that the mounds play a role in solving the puzzle. The player will learn that lava can designate books through trial-and-error. However, as touching the lava only produces a minimal energy loss, the experience will not be frustrating.

When the player first approaches the blocking puzzle, a ghost touches the eruption on the blocking-background and then disintegrates. This scripted event gives the player a clue that the eruption is deadly.

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