Law Blocking Puzzle


  • In front of the player are the scales of justice.
  • Buried in the floor are the swords of justice.
  • By balancing the scales of justice, the player can make the swords extend out of the ground.
  • By placing books on top of the swords, the player can jump on top of the swords and use them as steps.
  • Provided these steps are in the correct formation, the player will gain the height needed to overcome the background.

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Arrangement of obstacle


An image of Justitita (the roman goddess of justice) blocks the space between the bookshelves. In front of her hand is a working scale. On the floor are the tips of several swords.

Puzzle Mechanics


The player can throw books into Justitita’s scales. If the scales become unbalanced, one of the deadly swords pop-out of the ground. The number of books in the scales determines which sword appears.


Balancing the weight in the scales causes all the swords to reset.



Placing a book the sword tip and then unbalancing the scales will cause a platform to form.


By repeatedly doing this, the player can make ‘staircase’ of platforms to climb over the background.

When doing this, the player must be careful not to balance the scales, as this will cause all the swords to retract, cancelling out his/her progress.

How will the player work this solution out?

theorytag_vocabulary.gif theorytag_instinctive.gif

As Justitita’s scales are in 3D, the player will instinctively know that s/he can place objects in them. As the swords are sharp and pointy, the player will know to avoid them. When the player first enters a space, a crumbling old book is placed on the swords. The book crumbles if the player touches it, but it will allow the player’s vocabulary to grasp that books can be placed on the swords. Based on the player’s past experiences with the other puzzles, this should give a clue that the books should be placed on the sword tips and can be used as platforms.

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