Language Blocking Puzzle


  • A wall of various flags blocks the player.
  • The countries displayed on the flags change when hit by the player.
  • The player must make all the flags display the same country.
  • However, each flag is missing a particular country.
  • The player must locate the missing country flags.

Arrangement of obstacle


A grid of various world flags appears in between the book cases. Bashing the flags causes them to change. The player needs to make all the flags the same.

Puzzle mechanics


When the player bashes the flags, he will notice that each panel is missing at least one type of flag, which makes it impossible for the wall to display the same flags. Furthermore, the flags on the top row are unreachable.

Solution to puzzle


Placed around the library are books that have the image of specific flags. These can be thrown into the wall to add the missing flags. This method can also be used to change the flags on the top row.


In this example, the player wants the wall to display the Japanese flag. S/he first makes sure that all the panels that contain a Japanese flag are displaying the flag. The panel on the right contains no Japanese flag. By throwing a Japanese book at this panel, it will change to display a Japanese flag.

If, after throwing a book, the player hits the wall, the book will fall down and disintegrate, requiring the player to start again. As there is only one book for each flag in the library, the player will have to appropriately change the flag type that is displayed before throwing a book to the wall.

How will the player work this solution out?

The player will instinctively hit the wall, causing him/her to discover that the panels change when hit. After continually hitting the panels, the player will discover that each panel is missing a particular type of flag. This will prompt him/her to find books that can replace the missing flag. The idle animation of nearby ghosts show them throwing books with flag images at objects. When the books hit the object, the objects displays the flag. This provides a further clue.

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