Transport Blocking Puzzle


  • A road scene blocks the players.
  • The scene includes a traffic light with the red light lit and a no-pedestrians sign.
  • These signs hold the clue to solving the puzzle.

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Arrangement of obstacle

A road background appears between the bookcases depicting a traffic light and a ‘no pedestrians’ sign. The traffic light is displaying a stop signal. A road also appears on the floor.

Puzzle Mechanics

When walking on the road, the player will notice that the surface is slightly different from the rest of the library, as it allows him/her to move faster.

Solution to Puzzle

transport_03.jpg transport_04.jpg
Throwing a green book at the traffic light will cause it to turn green.

transport_05.jpg transport_06.jpg
The player must place a book on the road and give it a push. The road surface will cause the book to move quickly. As the book moves, the player must jump on it…transport_07.jpg
…This will allow the player to ride through the background. Performing this manoeuvre when the traffic light is set to red will cause the moving book to stop before it reaches the background and emit a loud screeching sound.

How will the player work this solution out?

theorytag_instinctive.gif theorytag_scripted.gif
The no-pedestrian sign provides the player with a clue that a vehicle is needed to pass. The floor surface also provides a similar clue. The screeching sound indicates that the light needs to be set to green in order for the player to pass through.

The idle of animation of the ghosts that are near bookcase shows them riding big books like vehicles and throwing books at objects to change the colours of those objects. This provides a further clue.

3D Concept Movies

Movie 2c, 2d & 2e - Demonstrates the blocking puzzle.
Movie 2a & 2b - Shows how the player can learn from the ghosts.

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