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What are the unique selling points of the game?

  1. Freedom without frustration: The wide, open, play-as-you-please spaces of games such as GTA III are combined with the linear, consistent levels of games such as Sonic Adventure 2. The result is a unique experience that offers the freedom of multiple routes and activities to perform without the frustration of becoming lost.
  2. Bursting with both imagination and realism: When normal sized, the player can explore ‘the real world’, which all players can relate to. Shrinking allows access to unique fantasy-based spaces. For example, the player becomes small enough to enter the colonies of germs or to go ‘inside’ books and explore the worlds of the Arabian Nights, Fairy Tales, and World History.
  3. Truly interactive story: Unknown to humans, microscopic germs are an intelligent civilization that have built an elaborate world to house their race. Fed-up with the destruction to their world caused by human pollution, they plan to eradicate humanity. Acting as a double agent, the player, a human with special size changing powers, must infiltrate the germ world to uncover their plans. But, as the player begins to ‘befriend’ the germs, s/he will see humans from a new perspective that shows how despicable they can be. Will the player save his/her own kind or betray it? The story changes to reflect the player’s allegiance.

What is the genre?

3D person adventure platformer for next-generation consoles (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3)

Who is the audience?

This game is aimed at a general audience that enjoys third person adventure games.

The sci-fi like story line, with its twist-and-turns and issues of betrayal and loyalty, ensures appeal for an older audience (refer to section 2.2). However, the lack of controversial content allows the game to be suitable for a teenage and child market.

The player’s ability to change sizes, offers a number of solutions to obstacles and problems, which produces a flexible and adaptable difficulty level.

What's the main focus?

The player has full control over the focus. S/he can:
1. Take a linear based approach to the game and overcome obstacles to reach the main goal in classic platforming tradition.
2. Shrink down to the small size, which offers the freedom to explore a myriad of multiple routes and alternative worlds.
3. Work to realise a goal that is of the player’s own accord, such as helping the humans or helping the bacteria
4. Hunt for artefacts that reveal the histories of germs and humans, which allow the player to select an allegiance
5. A combination of any of the above activities, switching between them at anytime.

What does the audience control?

A third person-character. To increase the sense of involvement, the player can construct his/her own character, customising it in a multitude of ways (refer to section 3.2.1).

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