Game Story


  • The game allows the player to design his/her own character, which adds a personal element to the story.
  • The player is cast as a military scientist who can use magic seeds to shrink to a microscopic size and use magic leaves to grow into a giant.
  • The scientist discovers that microscopic germs are actually an intelligent race.
    • Fed up of human pollution, the germs plan to destroy humanity.
  • The player must 'befriend' the germs and learn their plans.
    • However, now that the player can view humans from the perspective of the germs, will his/her allegiance change?

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Full Story
This section fully details the story

Story Delivery Mechanics
This section fully details delivery mechanics of the story.
The story is designed to compliment the gameplay through using player interaction. The story does not dominate the gameplay by forcing the player to passively watch lengthy cut-scenes.

Interactive story
This section explains how the story changes according to the players actions.

Player Character
This section explains more about the player character, including how the player is able to customise the character.

Non Player Characters
This section explains more about the non-player characters.

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