Gameplay Mechanics

Player abilities and controls
This section details the abilities of the player, and the controller buttons that activate them.

Dis/advantages of the three sizes
In this game the player can switch between three sizes: big, normal and small.
The dis/advantages of these sizes are explained in this section.

Spaces the player can access
Depending on the player's size, different spaces are accessible.
This section describes thoses spaces.

The trust system
If the player is to learn the germ's plans, s/he will have to earn their trust.
This section explains how trust works in the game.

Power Ups
There are many power-ups in the game, which are listed in this section.
The power-ups act as a carrot for player exploration.

Upgrade items
By finding and collecting stars, the player can unlock new abilities.
The power-ups act as a further carrot for player exploration, as the player must not only explore for stars, but also for the germ-world shops that sell the upgrade items.

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