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Playing as a military scientist, the player develops a method to grow and shrink in size. The ability is activated through using special seeds and leaves: the seeds cause a person to shrink while the leaves allow growth. The seeds and leaves derive from a mysterious plant, that, at times, appears to possess magical qualities. The scientist begins to mass produce these items to aid soldiers in combat. However, during the production process, an explosion occurs. The scientist is unharmed, but discovers that, as if by magic, the seeds and leaves have scattered across the Earth. Furthermore, the explosion has caused the items to take on his/her DNA, and so only s/he can use them to grow and shrink.

Upon investigating the explosion, the scientist finds no logical reason as to why it occurred. S/he shrinks down to investigate more clearly and encounters a bacterial life form that was injured in the blast. From talking to the life-form, the scientist learns that bacteria are an intelligent race, which have built an elaborate microscopic world. Frustrated at having their constructions destroyed by human pollution, the bacteria have devised a plan to wipe out humanity. The bacteria exist in the form of multiple colonies, which are spread out across the world. The exact details of their plans are kept in the more important colonies.

The scientist reports these findings to his superiors. Immediately an agency is formed to combat threat. Acquiring information is almost impossible due to the secretive and hidden nature of the germs. However, by chance, the agency stumbles on the ancient works of Qangoli, a prophet from the first century. Her works were originally considered fiction, but the agency discovered that she had precisely predicted the date of the explosion, the name of the scientist involved and the germs’ desire to destroy humanity. Her work provides the location of some of the colonies together with maps that lead to tools that can be used to defeat the germs.

Armed with this slither of knowledge, the scientist must recover these tools, find the colonies, uncover their plans and destroy them. However, as the scientist begins to ‘befriend’ the germs, will his/her allegiance change?

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