Inner World 1: Germ World


  • In the germ world the player must:
  • Overcome a series of platforming-style obstacles to:
    • Access a germ gass or
    • Access a germ city

Platforming style obstacles

The platforming style obstacles are made up of germ-like looking objects, that require the player to use a variety of advanced jumping, running and problem solving techniques.
The germ-looking objects have a strong fantasy element. However, they are placed in mundane surroundings (for example, on a bookshelf in between books, in an ink bottle). This helps to create an interesting and believable blend of fantasy and reality. It also helps to enhance the feeling that the player has actually shrunk down in size to find the 'hidden' world of an advanced race.

The obstacles vary according to each level in order to keep the germ world fresh and captivating for the player.
Please refer to the level section to find out more information about the obstacles that occur in each section.

Germ Cities

The germ cities house the Germ Generals. The player can talk to them to learn about the germ’s plans.

The Germ cities also contain shops where the player can purchase rare upgrade items or hints for solving puzzles. These items have an extremely high price tag, which require the player to explore heavily to find enough stars (refer to the power-ups section).

3D Concept Movies

Movie 2f - Demonstrates the player using a germ world to reach a germ city and the clues the player can purchase in the city.
Movie 3b & 3c - Demonstrates a germ-world.

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