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  • The cut-scenes change according to the player's actions.
    • This makes them feel that they are taking part in the story as opposed to watching it.
  • The changes give the player a sense of control.
    • However, they have also been designed to minimise development expenses.

Delivery of cut-scenes

The player's goal is to befriend the germs to learn their plans (Refer to story section). But, as s/he begins to view humans from a new perspective, will his/her alligence change?
After each level is completed, a small cut scene, that is no longer than 2 minutes, is played. The cut scene progresses the story and provides the player with a motive for exploring the next level. It shows the player returning to the military base and collecting the details of the next location that s/he must investigate.

The contents of the cut-scene change to reflect the player's actions. (Refer to the The trust system).

Example of cut-scene changes

Human-allegiance changes

If the player has destroyed many germs, Commander Stanton will be very pleased. When informing the player of the next mission, Stanton, will reward the player with a large helping of stars and power-ups.

The cut-scenes will also emphasise the tyranny of the germs. For example, Commander Stanton will refer to news articles that depict the germs attacking innocent humans civilians. Commander Rhimone will end-up taking a much more passive role.

Germ-allegiance changes

If the player has completed the germ-favouring missions but has not completed any of the human-favouring missions, Commander Stanton will be very angry. He may remove some of the power-ups the player has collected. In the initial cut scenes, Commander Rhimone may stand up for the player. However, as she contracts an illness, s/he will no longer be able to do this. Before her illness becomes severe, Rhimone will often share with the player her research on germs. This research often reveals that germs have good intentions and often work hard to protect the environment.

The final cut-scene

Before the final level, the game will count the number of germ-favouring and human favouring cut-scenes the player has unlocked.
If the germ-favouring cut-scenes compromise the higher number, the player will not be shown returning the military base. Instead, the germs will transform him/her into a germ. In the final level, the player will have to activate the machine that will destroy humanity. The ending will show the player succeed.

If the human favouring cut-scenes compromise the higher number, the game will show the player becoming the vice-president of the military agency. In the final level, s/he will go on a final mission to destroy the germs. The ending will show the player being promoted to the president of the technology department in the military.

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