Arabian Nights Pages 1-2

Story Context

  • The double page follows the opening of the Arabian Nights Story
  • Scheherazade, the king’s new bride, is to be executed at dawn.
  • As part of her last wishes, Scheherazade has asked to spend her final night in the company of her sister, Dunyazad.
  • When the player enters the story, s/he is indirectly assumed to take on the role of Dunyazad who must reach Scheherazade before sunrise.

This double page has three sections. Each section provides a short obstacle for Dunyazad to overcome on her way to Scheherazade.

Left page
Dunyazad must pass through the royal baths

Centre Fold
Dunyazad must overcome the sleeping maid

Right page
Dunyazad must cross the intricate rafters of the servant's sleeping quarters.

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