Arabian Nights - Pages 1 & 2 - Centre Fold


  • The player must jump on the canopy of the maid’s bed to reach the upper the area.
  • However, this simple task is complicated by the maid’s heavy snoring which causes her bed to continually slide across the floor.
  • A snoring dog blocks the player’s access to the upper floor, requiring the player to climb the dog’s snoring ‘zs’ to reach the upper area.
  • Carefully timing is essential to overcome this imaginatively bizarre puzzle.

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Puzzle Mechanics

Placed just in front of the centrefold is the chief maid’s bed.

Above the maid is the upper area of the sleeping quarters, which is where the dog sleeps. Both the maid and dog suffer from chronic snoring syndrome. The force of the maid’s snoring is so strong that her bed slides to the left when she inhales and moves to the right when exhaling. The dog’s snoring is represented as streams of Zzzzs. These move in a straight line which changes direction (according to a set pattern) with every snore.

To reach the top floor, the player must jump on the maid’s canopy and then run across the dog’s Zzzzs. Careful timing is essential.

In the example above, the player’s timing was off, and so when s/he jumped of the canopy, s/he missed the dog’s Zzzzzs.


In this example, the timing was perfect. The player bounced of the canopy and could reach the upper floors.

How does the player learn the solution?

theorytag_trialerror.gif theorytag_instinctive.gif

The shape and movement of the bed will cause the player to instinctively jump on it. The Z’s have a solid appearance, which should prompt the player into recognising it as a platform.

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