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  • The player must cross the narrow winding pathway, without touching the stinging snakes that will push him/her into the hot steam water.
  • Falling in the water is not dangerous but it will lower visibility, making it harder to avoid taking damage from the snakes.

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Puzzle Mechanics

Placed on top of the royal baths are ornate Arabic designs that act as narrow paths for the player to the cross. Slithering across the paths are several snakes which drain the player of energy upon contact. The narrow nature of the paths makes them very challenge to cross.



If the player loses his/her balance…


…s/he will fall into the bath water.


The bath water is not harmful, but touching it causes the screen to be filled with steam.
This makes it much harder to see and avoid the snakes.

The player can jump out of the water and continue walking on the ornate decoration. The smoke will dissipate after five seconds provided the player does not fall back in again.

How does the player learn the solution?

The player learns through trial and error. There is no severe penalty for making mistake, which will prevent the experience from being frustrating.

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