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  • The player is on a winding pathway that is suspended over the sleeping the quarters of the palace staff.
  • The player must reach the end without falling off the pathway.
  • The player will frequently encounter baskets which can be opened. Some baskets contain rare treasures and power-ups.
  • Others hide snakes that will push the player off the path way.
  • This presents the player with an interesting gambling scenario.

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Puzzle Mechanics


This is similar to the left page. Above the sleeping quarters of the royal staff is an ornate Arabic structure which acts as pathway. The player simply has to reach the end of the pathway without falling. If the player does fall s/he will be catapulted of the beds s/he lands on will be sent to the start of the right page.


Placed on the pathway at regular intervals are jars.


The player does not have to open the jars, but it will tempting to do so, as they contain valuable power ups.


Unfortunately, some also contain snakes that will scare the player into falling off the pathway. There is no way for the player to work out what is in the jar, so s/he is presented with a high risk incentive.

One of the hidden treasures is a flying carpet. If the player moves to the edge of the book and throws the carpet out, s/he can collect it when s/he leaves the book. From then on, by pressing the interaction button as the small player when holding no objects, the carpet will appear allowing the player to ride the air vents with ease.

How does the player work out the solution?

theorytag_vocabulary.gif theorytag_trialerror.gif
The player’s vocabulary will have been enriched by the royal bath puzzle, and so they will know that they can fall of the pathway. The risk incentive can only be worked through, but as the penalty for error is not too severe and easy to grasp, the player is unlikely to be highly frustrated.

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