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  • The player must catch the gingerbread man, which hides in the objects of the space.
  • If the player makes too much noise when approaching a hiding place, the gingerbread man will run and hide in a new location.
  • Some objects contain rare treasures for the player to collect before catching the gingerbread.
    • Other objects hide confusion gasses that temporarily stun the player.
    • It is impossible to predict the contents of the objects.
  • Catching the gingerbread and finding the optional hidden treasures is complicated by a fire that is slowly burning though the space.
Mother has spent all day baking a gingerbread man. However, it has come to life and run away. If the player wishes to complete the tale (and continue through the book), s/he’ll have to catch the ginger bread man.

Puzzle Mechanics


This is mother’s kitchen. Outside is the forest. The ginger bread man is hiding in one of the objects.


Mother has been careless with the oven and a fire has broken out. The player must avoid the fire and make sure that the gingerbread man is not burnt.


All the 3D objects are breakable. Some, as in the example above, contain rare power ups. Of course, destroying all the objects to find the power-ups will delay the player producing a risk incentive.


Other breakable objects release a confusion gas which temporarily immobilises. This can be problematic, as the fire spreads over time and so a stationery player is more likely to take damage. It is impossible to discern the power-ups from the gas, so a high risk exists for greedy players.

If the player runs too fast, the floorboards could creak. The ginger bread man will hear this and then run away to a new hiding place. This is problematic as in the confusion the gingerbread man could run into the spreading fire. It will also require the player to waste precious time relocating the ginger bread man. However, it can also be helpful, as the player can use this technique to locate his/her ‘prey’, as by observing where the ginger bread man runs to, it will be easier to re-locate him.

Once the player has caught the ginger bread man, s/he must progress to the end of the page.
The player is unable to hit objects when holding the ginger bread and so may be tempted to let him go again to collect more power-ups.

In the original story, the gingerbread man is eaten by the sly wolf. This, however, happens on pages 21-22, which the player cannot access.

One of the items the player hidden in the area is rat repellent. If the player carries the repellent to the edge of the book and throws it in the library, when s/he returns to the normal size, s/he can use the repellent to clear the area of rats.

How will the player learn the solution?

theorytag_scripted.gif theorytag_instinctive.giftheorytag_pacing.giftheorytag_trialerror.gif
A scripted event of a brief story screen hints that the player must catch the ginger bread man. The flames and creaking sounds provide visual and audible clues respectively that warn the player of the danger of these elements. If the player does not pick up these clues, then they will work it out through trial and error.

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