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  • The player must carefully walk over the creaky old bridge without waking the troll.
  • The bridge contains many treasures.
    • However, collecting these will make the player heavier, making it harder to avoid waking the troll.
The three Billy goats are hungry, as there is no grass on their side of the valley. Across the bridge are fields filled with luscious grass. However, a troll guards the bridge and will not let the goats past. Tired of being bullied, the goats decide to make a stand. Playing as one of goats, the player must pass the bridge to reach the end of the page.

Puzzle Mechanics


The bridge actually comprises of several bridges that are linked together by small platforms of grass. Hidden in these grassy platforms are power ups.


If the player moves too quickly on the wooden brushes, a creaking sound will be made.


This will summon the troll. The troll is immune to the player’s attacks and will push the player away, sending him/her to the start of the bridge.

Each time the player collects a power-up, s/he will become heavier which makes it harder to cross the bridge without disturbing the troll.

The grassy sections do not make a creaking sound and so provide a rest period for the player.



If the player collects enough power-ups, s/he will become so heavy that the troll will not be able to resist his/her attacks.

The troll will be defeated and the player can travel the bridge in peace.

How will the player learn the solution?

A scripted event in the form of a brief story scene informs the player that they must not disturb the troll. The creaking sounds provide an audible clue that moving to fast will disturb the troll. The secret attacking techniques are learnt through trial and error and experimentation.

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