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  • The player is in an area that is composed entirely of soft white cloud.
  • The player must not jump on the white cloud, as it will disintegrate causing the player to fall from the area.
  • Deprived of the ability to jump – the staple move of any platform game – the player must find alternative ways to overcome the obstacles.

The challenge: Don't jump on white clouds!

Having climbed an extraordinary tall bean stalk that grew from magic beans, Jack has reached a hidden castle in the clouds. The castle is at the end of the page and in order to reach it, the player will have to cross the castle grounds. Before starting, the narrator informs the player that white cloud will rip apart when jumped on, causing the player to fall out of the book. Unfortunately for the player, the castle grounds consist entirely of white cloud.

Puzzles in the Beanstalk world

There are four puzzles presented on these double pages:

Initial Training Section
This section indirectly teaches the player how to over-come the problem of not jumping on white clouds.

The high up power-ups
The double pages have lots of high placed power-ups. The player simply has to jump to collect them. But, as the level is set on white clouds, jumping will cause the player to fall to his/her death. Can the player still retrieve the power-ups?

Crossing the Chasm
It's a classic platforming obstacle: use the moving platform to cross the chasm. The twist is that the player cannot jump on the platform, like s/he would in other games.

Riding the wind
Another classic platforming obstacle has been given a unique twist.

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