Pages 79-80 - Landing on the Moon


  • The player is exploring the moon.
  • Huge gusts of space winds occur at regular intervals which can blow the player off the book.
  • However, by hiding in the moon craters, the player will be protected.
  • Moon rocks hide power-ups for the player to find, but they may also expel paralysing gasses which will prevent the player from reaching the moon craters in time.
  • This creates an interesting gambling situation.

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Puzzle Mechanics

The player lands on the moon.


The low gravity means the player can jump extremely high. Of course, the higher the player jumps, the longer they will take to return.


The player can smash moon rocks for power ups. As a nod to conspiracy theorists, some moon rocks conceal studio lights. If the player collects these, s/he can walk to the edge of the book and throw them out of the book into the library. Then when the player returns to normal size, the lights can be used to destroy the ghosts.


Some rocks hide confusion gas, which temporarily stuns the player.


The player isn’t free to perform high jumps and collect power ups, as moon winds regularly blow according to a set pattern. If the player gets caught in these, they will be blown out of the book.


Hiding inside a giant crater is the only way to keep safe from the moon winds.

By observing the patterns of the moon winds, the player will be able to predict when they will occur, which will make it easier to explore the surface.

How does the player learn this solution?

theorytag_trialerror.gif theorytag_instinctive.gif theorytag_pacing.gif

The majority of this puzzle is learnt through trial and error, although the sound of the wind provides an instinctive prompt.

This puzzle is slightly more complex, as less guidance is given. However, this page of the book is located in a trickier part of the library and so advance skills are required to retrieve the page. Hence, the complexity is an acceptable increase in pace.

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