• Black and white atoms move in a circle formation.
  • Black atoms repel the player.
  • White atoms have a magnetic effect causing the player to be stuck to the atom.
  • The player can use these properties to his/her advantage.
  • Level Design Function: To allow the player to progress upwards and forwards

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Basic concepts


The atoms have two ions floating around them: black ions and white ions. The rings of ions rotate clockwise at various speeds.


White atoms attract the player, allowing the player to travel with the movement of the rings.


Black ions repel the player away from the atomic circles. If the player quickly inputs a direction on the analogue stick when the repletion occurs, s/he will travel in the direction inputted.

How does the player learn these functions?

theorytag_trialerror.gif The player can easily learn these functions by simply interacting with the structures. At the start, one of the structures appears in a safe area allowing the player to experiment without danger.

Example of the puzzle in use: Example 1

In this puzzle, the player must use atom 1 & 2 to cross the chasm.


The player jumps on a white ion from atom 1 and uses to it to ride upwards. When the white ion on atom 2 is in position, the player can jump across to clear the chasm.
Careful timing is required to avoid missing the white ions. The player must also avoid black ions, as they could accidentally repel him into the chasm.

To avoid frustration, falling into the chasm does not cause death but simply sends the player to the lower section requiring him/her to endure a few moments of backtracking.

Example of the puzzle in use: Example 2


In this puzzle, the player must use atom 1 & 2 to reach the upper section. The gap between atom 1 & 2 is too far for the player to simply jump across. Instead the player must travel upwards, until s/he is diagonally facing atom 2. Then, s/he can jump from the white ion on to a black one to be repelled to atom 2. As before, careful timing is essential.

3D Concept Movies

Movie 3b - Briefly demonstrates the repellent effect of the black atom.

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