Flagellum Floating Platforms


  • The flagellum in this puzzle are the same ones from the Moving Flagellum Bacteria puzzle.
  • These flagellum bacteria, however, function like moving platforms that the player can jump between to scale high areas.
  • However, as they retain their springy tails, the player can use his/her jumping skills to be propelled to new areas and to swing towards these areas.
  • Level Design Function: These essentially function like moving platforms, but with an original twist.

Basic concepts

The flagellum are placed like moving platforms. Many of them move in a set area. The player must ''climb'' them to travel upwards.

Example of the puzzle in use

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The platforms move according to a set pattern. The placement of the platforms causes the player not to walk on the platforms but to swing on the flagellum that are underneath them.


Carefully timed swinging motions are required to reach the flagellum of the upper platforms. The player must also ensure that the platforms have moved within a reachable distance.


As with the moving flagellum, the player can jump to stretch the tails. This could allow him/her to reach power-ups. Careful usage of this ability will allow the player to land on top of the moving platforms, which will make it easier to move between them (as the player can simply jump between them in the traditional fashion).

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