• In some parts of the germ-worlds, the player can see the atoms that make up the floor.
  • Running on the atoms causes them to separate and float in the air.
  • The player can ride these floating atoms to cross large gaps.
  • When running on the atoms, careful control is required to avoid falling through the floor.
  • Level Design Function Allows the player to travel forwards

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Basic concepts

In some parts of the bacterial world, the molecules that hold the floor together can be seen. By running on these molecules, they will break apart and float across in the air.

How does the player learn these functions?


The initial section of the level contains a straight forward running section. As the player runs, the molecules will break part. This will educate the player about the technique.

Example of the puzzle in use: Example one


The player needs to cross a chasm, but the distance is too long for him/her to jump across.


However, by running quickly…


… the molecules in the ground break apart and start floating across the chasm.


The player can hitch a ride to clear the chasm.


In this example, the player was running for too long. All the molecules that make up the ground separated causing the player fell down.

Example of the puzzle in use: Example two - Harder variation of puzzle

In the harder variation, the floating molecules flash when the player rides on them. After a few moments, the flashing molecule disintegrates. However, the player can save him/herself by jumping to a non-flashing molecule. The first time this happens, the player is relatively safe, as by default, enough molecules are released for the player to jump between them. However, in later instances the chasms become wider. Hence, the player will have to make sure that when s/he performs the running action, s/he continues it long enough to release an appropriate quantity of molecules to cross the chasm.

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