• The player can hit spores to release platforms which can be used to cross gaps.
  • The more times the spores are hit, the more platforms are released making it easier to cross a gap.
  • However, each time a spore is hit, a fog is released. As the fog becomes stronger, visibility reduces.
  • The player must achieve a balance between the number of platforms created and the amount of fog that is produced.
  • Level Design Function: Moving forwards

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Basic concepts

The spores appear in a ball shaped bundle. The player can release them by using the jump attack on the ball. This releases the spores, which can act as platforms for the player to use in crossing chasms or reaching high up places.

Unlike the molecules above, the spores do not float across, but stay stationary when they reach a set position (although, in harder variations of puzzles, they may move around a set position to function like a moving platform).

The more times the player hits a ball, the more spores are released which can make it easier to cross chasms. However, each time the spores are released, smoke fills the screen, reducing visibility. If visibility reaches zero, the player won’t be able to see anything and will eventually fall into a chasm.

Many of the puzzles are based around finding a balance between having enough spores available to cross a chasm without reducing the visibility to zero.

The smoke will not dissipate, but it is contained to the immediate area.

How does the player learn these functions?:

theorytag_instinctive.gif theorytag_training.gif

At the start, spore balls are placed in safe area, allowing the player to experiment with them. Although the safe area doesn't contain a guide, the player's curiosity will instinclvy motivate them to experiment with the spore balls. As there is are no obstacles in these areas, the player can simply move forwards to escape from a 'visibility-zero' situation.

Example of the puzzle in use:


The distance of the chasm is too wide to jump.


The player hits the spore ball using the jump attack.


The spores are released, and move to form floating platforms. However, as the player can clearly see, the gaps between the individual platforms are too wide for him/her to jump.


The player hits the ball again.


More spores are released creating more platforms. There is still a wide gap between the platforms, but, with careful jumping skills, it will be possible to cross them. The fact that visibility has considerably worsened gives the player a visual clue that hitting the ball again isn’t a good idea.


In this example, the player ignores the visual clue and hits the ball to create more platforms.


However, visibility is reduced to zero. Although the player could try and jump anyway, it is most likely that s/he will fall.

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