• Guardians of the library, the librarians will attack players who disturb the peace and order of the space.
  • It is tricky for the player to attack them, without destroying a book that could lead to a book-world.

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Inspired by Arcimboldo’s painting "The Librarian", the librarians are strange creatures that have been made from books, some of which are rare books.
tag_story.gif The librarians are determined to keep the library free of noise.
The librarians come in two types.

Experienced librarians

These librarians are highly trained at their jobs. They will only attack the player if the see him/her performing one of the following actions:

  • Removes a book from a shelf without placing it back
  • Does not walk (i.e. runs)
  • damages a book
  • Jumps

Trainee librarians

If a ghost ricochets off the giant player and touches several books, a trainee librarian will form. These librarians have yet to learn the library rule-book and simply attack even when the player is not making a noise.

Attack patterns of trainee and experienced librarians

The librarian repeatedly hits the player with its book-made arms. If the player moves away from the librarian's reach, then s/he will fire out rubber stamps.

  • disadvantage.jpg For the small player, the librarian attacks are deadly as the player will be crushed.
  • advantage.jpg If the player can climb onto the librarian, s/he can locate the links that connect the books together. By hitting these links, the player can cause the librarian to collapse without damaging the books.
  • advantage.jpg If the rubber stamps hit a wall, they will be permanently stuck to it. This can act as a useful platform for the player to climb.
  • advantage.jpg The normal player can take damage from the librarians’ attacks.
  • disadvantage.jpg Although it is easier for the normal player to attack the librarians in comparison to the small player, there is also a greater likelihood of hitting (and destroying) a rare book.
  • advantage.jpg As the librarian is much taller than the normal player, the normal player can aim his/her attacks. Careful targeting will ensure that rare books are not destroyed.
  • advantage.jpg The big player is immune to the librarian attacks
  • advantage.jpg The big player can destroy the librarians by repeatedly attacking them.
  • disadvantage.jpg The big player cannot aim his attacks, making it impossible to avoid destroying rare books.

Gameplay qualities

The librarians offer a challenge to keep the player on his/her toes.

How does the player learn the solution?

The librarian attacks have a high force to them, which will indicate that they are dangerous.
The links in the librarian have a shaky animation, which will indicate that they can be pulled.
The rare books in the librarian are much larger than the other books and have a more elaborate appearance, which will indicate that they are special.

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