Library Level Blocking Puzzles


  • Blocking puzzles are theater-like scenes that appear in between bookcases.
  • They prevents the player from accessing certain routes of the library, until s/he has solved the puzzle they contain.
  • The ground floor of the library level has 8 blocking puzzles.
    • They are arranged in two groups which contain four puzzles each (refer to [[map-downstairs | map]]).
    • The player must complete at least one puzzle from each group in order to reach the end goal.
    • The more puzzles the player solves, the more of the library space s/he will be able to access.
  • The puzzles can only be solved by the normal size.

Basic appearance of blocking puzzle
This section explains the basic apperance of a blocking puzzle.
It also provides a story context for the blocking puzzles.

Gameplay considerations
This section explains the gamplay benefits of the blocking puzzles.

Blocking puzzle examples
This sections provides specific examples of the eight blocking puzzles the player will encounter.
Concept art is included to explain the concept.

3D Concept movies

Movie 2c, 2d, 2e - Demonstrates the blocking puzzle

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