Library Level Germ Worlds


  • Each bacterial world offers a collection of the following obstacles.
  • Overcoming them will allow the player to interact with members of the bacterial race, access the germ gasses, or acquire rare upgrade items (refer to the germ world section.

Use the magnetic properties of atoms to cross chasms

This obstacle offers a unique floating experience with an interesting challenge.

The spores can hinder just as much as they can help. The player must gamble his/her vision if s/he wants to progress.

Spiky atoms
One touch of the spiky atoms can have deadly consequences for the player. However, with a bit of clever thinking, this deadly threat can also be extremely useful.

Moving flagellum bacteria
Stretch the tails of the flagellum to gain extra height. An imaginatively wonderful obstacle.

Floating flagellum
The flagellum tails put a refreshing twist on a platform cliché .

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