Library Level Goals


  • This section describes the goals available to the player on the library level.
  • The main goal is to ultimately recover the book of knowledge that is located on the top floor.
  • The optional secondary goals allow the player to prove his/her alligence to the germs or humans.

Main goals

The player is in a two-storey library. Located at the end of the second floor is the book of knowledge – a legendary encyclopaedia written by Qangoli. Hidden in several places of the library are machines created by Qangoli which can destroy the germs.

Main goal – First Floor: Reach the stairs to the second floor.
Main goal – Second floor: Recover the book of knowledge.

Optional secondary goals

Completing these secondary goals alters the player’s allegiance and changes the story line. The player only needs to complete one of these goals to switch sides. The additional goals provide the player with extra freedom to choose exactly how they prove their allegiance. They also provide room for the player to switch their allegiance after they have made an initial decision or if they completed an undesired mission by accident.

Help the humans 1: Find all the germ generals, uncover the germ plans and report them to the humans.
Help the humans 2: Find and destroy all the germ colonies.
Help the humans 3: Find and activate all the machines of Qangoli.
Help the germs 1: Find and destroy all the machines of Qangoli.
Help the germs 2: Find all the germ generals and tell them of the human plans.
Help the germs 3: Destroy the book of knowledge.

Completing the ‘help the germ’ goals increases the trust of the germs. This can be necessary to unlock the rarer items in the germ shop (refer to the upgrade section). Conversely, completing the ‘help the humans’ goals decreases the trust of the germs.

Achieve a neutral outcome: Find all the germ generals. Learn their plans, but also tell them of the human plans. This will allow both sides to see similarities in their approaches to problems.

The secondary goals must be completed before the player achieves the main goal.

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