Secret Boat Basement Area Map


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Key to map

key_wall.jpg = wall

key_lock.jpg = Boat lock – the appropriate colour coded diamond keys on the downstairs section are required to access this area.
key_power-up-vault.jpg = power up vault - Contains a generous helping of power-ups.

Overview of Secret Boat Basement

The numbers in brackets are grid references.
[*] Denotes a mandatory obstacle that the player has to overcome.
All other obstacles are optional, but they possess an ‘irresistible quality’ due to the secrets they hide.
In addition to the mandatory obstacles, as the map shows, the player will have to complete at least two blocking puzzles in order to pass through.

This map section describes the space and the mechanics of the space.
Refer to the book boat section for information about the boat itself.

In antiquity, this was the only library available in the country. To assist in the distribution of knowledge, it had a book boat that was stored in the underground man made river of the basement.

In the present day, the exits of the basement that lead to the main land have been blocked. However, the basement still hides many treasures.

The basement essentially serves as a bonus stage. The player rides the boat around the basement area, collecting all the power-ups, statues and human machines, s/he can find. The boat is very old and needs to be returned to the dock after five minutes to avoid collapsing. This requires the player to be quick in navigating the area to collect the items. It is not possible to collect all the items in one go. Instead, the player needs to make multiple visits to the area.

If the player runs out of time, the boat will collapse. The player can swim back to the docking area to return to the main library. However, in order to recreate the collapsed boat, the player will have to collect 100 clock symbols (refer to the power-ups section).

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