Upstairs Map


Key to map

key_scale.jpg = Player Represents player scale

key_bookcase.jpg = Bookcase key_bookcasecube.jpg = Bookcase cube key_bookcasecross.jpg = rotating bookcase key_desk.jpg = Desk  [Black line] key_wall.jpg = wall  [Brown line] – crumbling banister

key_ghost.jpg = Ghost (Ghost in bookcase cube is a book-throwing ghost)
key_librarian.jpg = Experienced librarian

Lock and Key items
(All keys are hidden in the nearest bookcase).
key_keyblue.jpg = Royal Room key card key_keyblack.jpg = Archive room 1 key
key_keygreen.jpg = Archive Room 2 key key_keyyellow.jpg = Janitor’s room key key_keyred.jpg = Staff room key
key_diamond.jpg = The diamond shape keys () are used for the bonus boat basement area.

Library obstacles
[Coloured strip] = Bookcase barrier (made from coloured light).
The player cannot pass through this wall until its related bookcase obstacle has been completed. [Barrier colours include Red, yellow, sky blue, orange, green, deep blue, purple, grey and cyan]
key_block.jpg = Bookcase obstacle
There is a different obstacle for each bookcase barrier. Overcoming the obstacle will remove all barriers of the same colour.

Germ world
key_germworld.jpg = Germ world (hidden in nearest bookcase)

Book worlds
(Items are hidden on nearest bookcase or carried by librarian)
key_bwarbianpage.jpg = Arabian nights page key_bwarbianbook.jpg = Arabian Nights book
key_bwfairypage.jpg = Fairy tale page key_bwfairybook.jpg Fairy tale book

Human Items
key_humanstatue.jpg = Human sculpture key_humanmachine.jpg = Human machine

key_bookcase.jpg = Power up (for clarity only star power ups are shown)
key_door.jpg = Door The player enters the room through here. If placed behind a bookcase, the player must find a hidden book to move the bookcase.
key_lock.jpg = Boat lock – the appropriate colour coded diamond keys on the downstairs section are required to access this area.

Overview of area

The numbers in brackets are grid references.
[*] Denotes a mandatory obstacle that the player has to overcome.
All other obstacles are optional, but they possess an ‘irresistible quality’ due to the secrets they hide.
In addition to the mandatory obstacles, as the map shows, the player will have to complete at least two blocking puzzles in order to pass through.

  • Staircase floor (R8 – U10) - This staircase leads players to the upstairs area. As an easy-going area it offers a brief breather before the next obstacle.
  • Rotating bumper bookcase area [*] (M1-Q10) – The ghosts have possessed the bookcases, causing the cases to rotate around at regular intervals (to a set pattern). The result is an ever-changing maze, which is challenging to navigate. If the player touches a rotating bookcase, s/he will be ricocheted like a pinball into a different direction. The crumbling banister prevents the player from falling to the first floor, provided that s/he does not break it by hitting it too many times.
  • Bookcases (L1 – L8) - This hides goodies that only the giant player can access.
  • Royal Room (H9 – M11) - Librarians guard rare sculptures and germ gasses.
  • Desk area (H3 – L8) - As this area is closer to the roof, the light is more intense, making it even more beautiful. The germ world is spread across the light, allowing for a unique flying platforming experience for the small player (refer to the reading desks section). Along with the bookcase area, this section offers a brief breather before the final obstacle.
  • Bookcase rows (H1 – K2) A variety of treasures are hidden in these shelves.
  • Rotating maze [*] (C1 – G1) - This version does not ricochet the player around. However, it is more challenging as the passageways are much smaller and there are a greater number of routes than before. The player’s abilities ensure the challenge is never frustrating.
  • Exit goal (A1 – B10) - Librarians guard the exit (located at A10-B10). Players that rush to the goal may miss the last items that are in the opposite direction.

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