Movies 2c, 2d and 2e


  • These movies partly continue from Movie 2a/2b
  • The player encounters the transport blocking puzzle.
  • There are a variety of methods the player can use to approach it.
  • These include solving the puzzle, trying a different puzzle and using the outer-world to enter a germ-world to try to buy a clue.

Movie 2c

In this movie, the player remembers clue gained by watching ghosts (refer to 2b).
This clue allows the player to solve the blocking puzzle.

Movie 2d

In this movie, the player remembers cannot solve the blocking puzzle and so decides to try a different blocking puzzle.

Movie 2e

In this movie, the player remembers cannot solve the blocking puzzle. S/he shrinks down and tries to access the air vent in order to reach a a germ-world. The player hopes to reach a germ city in order to buy a clue. The player's advenutres in the germ world are explored in movie 2f.

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