Movie 4b, 4c & 4d


  • This movie is an alternative version of movie 4a
  • As in movie 4a, the player encounters a book throwing ghost.
  • However, instead of growing, the player uses the small size to obtain a light atom.
  • Three different scenarios of attacking with the light atom are provided.

Movie 4b

This movie shows the player mixing atoms in the outer-world to obtain the light atom.
The player then switches back to the small size to use the light atom as a projectile on the ghost.
Unfortunately, the player goes too close to snoring Z's of the ghost. The ghost wakes up and attacks the player, destroying the light atom and the rare books in the process.

Movie 4c

In this movie, after collecting the light atom, the player uses careful jumping skills to fire the light atom without waking the ghost. The skills are quite sophisticated and difficult to learn, but they defeat the ghost quickly.

Movie 4d

In this movie after the player collects the light atom, the player switches to the small size. This allows the player to sneak past the ghost's snoring Z's without touching them. This is much easier to achieve than the jumping skills in movie 4c. However, it also requires use of the turbo run which drains energy. It also is a very time consuming and tedious method.

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