Movie 5a, 5b & 5c


Movie 5a

In this movie the player uses the small size to overcome the obstacle. The player shrinks down and enters a mouse hole to sneak past the guard. However, a rat spots the player. The player has to use the large size to defeat it, which drains the player's shrinking and growing reserves. The player also takes damage in the process. Defeating the rat doesn't bring victory as the guarding ghost attacks the player, which inflicts more damage and further drains the player reserves.

Movie 5b

In this movie the player uses the small size to overcome the obstacle. The player rams down the door. This destroys the ghost and allows the player instant access to the room. However, in the process, many of the rare books in the room are destroyed.

Movie 5c

In this movie the player uses a combination of various sizes. The player has explored the library many times before and remembers where the royal passess are kept. The small size is used to kick-off the dirt that is obscuring the pass. In the process the player earns a generous helping of power-ups. The player is now able to enter the royal room. Unlike movie 5b, nothing has been destroyed and, in contrast to movie 5a, the player has lost no energy.

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