Movie Concepts

Movie 1
Demonstrates how the large size improves navigation and the dis/advantages of the large size. [*]

Movie 2a, 2b
Demonstrates how the player can learn from the ghosts.

Movies 2c, 2d, 2e
Demonstrates different approaches to the blocking puzzles, and the inner/outer world world concept.

Movies 2f & 2g
Demonstrates a germ world and the flagellum puzzle.

Movie 3a
Demonstrates the inner/outer world concept.

Movie 3b, 3c
Demonstrates a germ world and the trust system.

Movie 4a
Demonstrates the Book Throwing Ghost. [*]

Movie 4b, 4c
Demonstrates the alternative approaches to the Book Throwing Ghost, Player abilities - Turbo Run and Power-ups: Light atom. [*]

Movie 5a, 5b, 5c
Demonstrates the ghost of the royal room puzzle. [*]

Movies market [*] also demonstrate the dis/advantages of the three sizes.

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