Problems with movies?

Movie is too fast

You can control the display of text by using the pausing button.


Press it once to stop the text (and video), press it again to continue. The red bar can also be used to seek the video backwards and forwards (forward seeking can only occur when the red bar is fully loaded).

Movie is too small

You can make the movie bigger by:
(1) Double click the movie. This will take you to the You Tube movie player website. The movie will automatically start playing.
(2) Press the button at the bottom right corner of the movie screen:
This will stretch the movie to full screen. The quality of the images will reduce as a result.

(3) If necessary, drag the red button back to the start of the red bar to watch the movie from the beginning.

Can't hear the audio


Press the volume bar button to change the volume. The speakers on the PC must be connected and activated.

Quality isn't clear

Youtube was used to host the videos as it offers a problem-free method for accessing movies on the Internet.

If you are having trouble viewing movies, or would like to view high-res versions please leave your email address on the form below.
You will then receive an email that will allow you to receive high-res versions of the video either by email or on CD-ROM.

The high-res versions are encoded in WMV format.
This allows for crystal clear quality in a large screen size and ensures that the videos only have a modest file size.

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