Non Player Characters


  • There are several Non Player Characters (NPCs) in the game.
  • Some of the NPCs may be affected by the player's actions in the story
  • The actions of the NPCs may encourage the player to change his/her allegiance.

Human NPCs

Commander Rhimone
Commander Rhimone is the president of the new agency. She is very friendly and is one of the few characters that respects the player. She believes in finding out about the germs before attacking them, but has trouble implementing this philosophy, as her government superiors insist that the germs should be eradicated as quickly as possible. She soon develops a mysterious illness which causes her to temporarily leave the agency. If the player helps the germs, her condition worsens, causing her to permanently retire. However, it isn’t clear if the germs are responsible for the illness.

Commander Stanton
Vice president of the new agency, the commander is steadfast in his mission to destroy all germs and does not approve of Rhimone’s approach. He has a low opinion of scientists and gets extremely angry with the player for not destroying germs. If the player destroys the germ colonies, then Stanton will be more accepting of the player.
tag_gameplay.gif Earning Stanton's favour offers gameplay advantages, as the player will be rewarded with rare powers and new abilities.

Germ NPCs

The Germ Masters
Several germ masters are located in various germ colonies. They each have their own plan for destroying the humans. These small plans combine to form the ‘master plan’.

Kluge is the first germ the player meets when investigating the explosion. Kulge was blinded by the humans many years ago and hates them greatly. As she mistakes the player for a germ, she often imparts advice about the germ world.
tag_gameplay.gif To some extent she functions as a tutorial character, but only in a limited capacity, as the game encourages the player to explore the world to learn how to play.

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