Normal Ghosts


  • Normal ghosts move around the library.
  • They only become a threat if they see the player, as they will chase him/her.
  • The player will become disorientated upon touching them.
  • The severity of the disorientation depends on the player's size.

Description of the obstacle

Small player techniques

When the ghosts become aware of the small player, they will try to sit on him/her.

  • advantage.jpg The player’s small size allows him/her to slip between the ghosts’ molecules and move forwards to escape the ghost.
  • disadvantage.jpg However, until the player has vacated the ghost, his/her vision will be obscured and s/he will lose a small amount of energy (5%). Furthermore, the ghosts are very fond of the small player and will repeatedly approach him/her.
  • advantage.jpg The small player can hide behind books and other objects. If the ghosts can’t see the player, they will eventually vacate the area.
  • disadvantage.jpg Unlike the normal sized player, the small player can not stand inside a light source to deter the ghosts, as the ghosts can simply blow the player out of the light.
  • advantage.jpg If the small player can find a light atom (refer to the power-ups section) s/he can throw it at the ghosts. This will cause the ghosts to disappear. It can be difficult for the normal player to use a light atom on the ghost, as the ghost often attack the player to make him/her drop the light atom before s/he has a chance to use it. The small player does not have this problem, as his/her small size allows the player to get within the target range of the ghost without being noticed.

Normal player techniques

When the ghosts become aware of the normal player, they will try to sit on him/her.

  • disadvantage.jpg The normal player is unable to slip through ghosts. Instead, touching the ghost will cause the player to temporarily spin around inside the ghost. Although the player will be ejected from the ghosts after a few seconds, the ghosts enjoy seeing this happen, and so will often summon nearby ghosts to view and join in the act.
  • disadvantage.jpg Each time the ghosts spin the player, s/he loses a small amount of energy (5%).
  • advantage.jpg The normal player can use light atoms to make the ghosts run away.
  • disadvantage.jpg However, the ghosts often see that the player is carrying a light atom and may throw an object at the player to make him/her drop the light atom. The atom is destroyed when it is dropped, preventing the player from using it.

Big player techniques

  • advantage.jpg The ghosts are afraid of the giant player and run away when they see him. If the giant player touches the ghosts, they will ricochet off his/her body.

This can cause the following outcomes:

  • advantage.jpg The ghost will hit a wall and disappear
  • advantage.jpg The ghost will move through empty space and disappear to another part of the library
  • disadvantage.jpg The ghost will hit books and form a librarian (refer to librarian section).
  • disadvantage.jpg The ghost will bounce of a near by object and return back to the player.

Gameplay Qualities

The ghosts keep the player on his/her toes.
If the player does not attack the ghosts, but watches them from a distance at first, the idle animations of the ghosts will offer clues for solving the blocking puzzles (refer to the blocking puzzles section, in particular the transport and language puzzles)

How does the player learn the solution?

theorytag_instinctive.gif theorytag_trialerror.gif
As the ghosts are enemies, the player will be inclined to interact with them. Through interacting and a process of trial and error, the player’s vocabulary will be widened to learn how to deal with the ghosts. As only a small loss of energy is incurred for making an error with the ghosts, the player will not become overly frustrated.

Concept movies

There are several concept movie demonstrations

  • Movie 2a/2b - This demonstrates how the player can learn from the ghosts.

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