Outer World Attraction 1 - Atoms

The player’s small size causes the atoms that make up the ground to be visible.

  • The atoms can:
  • Assist navigation (as they are colour-coded)
  • Be used to create power-ups
  • Be used as projectiles

Atoms & Navgiation

The outer world is divided up into different sections and each section has uniquely coloured atoms. Hence, by shrinking down, the player can use the different coloured atoms to assist in navigating the space.

Atoms & Power-ups

Some atoms may be affected by the player’s jump attack and break open to reveal a power-up. Atoms that are immune to the jump attack can be carried by the player. The player can then travel to another section of the outer world and mix different coloured atoms to create rare power-ups.

Atoms as Projectiles

When carrying an atom, the player can throw it as a projectile. As the atoms change in size with player, the projectile function is available to the normal and giant sizes. However, the player can only carry one atom at a time, and so will have to shrink back in size to find a new atom to replace the one s/he threw.

tag_gameplay.gif The atoms offer a means for player experimentation and provide a reward for visiting the outer-world.

3D Concept Movies

Movie 3a - Shows the player mixing atoms and accessing power-ups.
Movie 4b, 4c, & 4d - Shows the player mixing atoms, creating light-atoms and using the atoms as projectile.

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