Outer World Attraction 2: Vermin


  • Vermin possess a deadly threat to players.
  • The player can either run from the vermin or hide.
  • Each option has different dis/advantages.

Dangers of vermin

Each level has a particular type of vermin. Due to the player’s small size, the vermin are fairly huge and are able to eat the small player. The vermin randomly move around the outer-world. If the vermin spot the player, they will chase him/her. The player then has two survival options.

Survival Option 1: Escape

The player can run away and then change into the normal size. This is the safest option for the player. However, it interrupts exploration of the outer-world and although the player can shrink back, the process uses up of the player’s leaf/seed reserves. Furthermore, the vermin may still attack the player when s/he is in the normal size. Although they will not be able to eat the normal player, they can still drain his/her energy by attacking.

Survival Option 2: Hide

The micro-sized player can try to find an object to hide in. This can be difficult to do, as there are few hiding objects in the outer-world.
If the player achieves it, the vermin will go away and the player can resume his/her exploration of the outer-world without taking damage or using up his/her reserves.

Gameplay considerations

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The vermin keep the player on his/her guard, by offering the excitement of a random danger to avoid.

3D Concept Movies

Movie 3a - Shows a rat interrupting the player's exploration of the outer-world.
Movies 5a Shows a rat attacking the player, and the player using the large size to defeat it.

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