Outer World Attraction 3: Air Streams


  • The player can use air streams to leave the outer-world and enter the inner-world.
  • Accessing the air stream can be a tricky challenge.

Accessing an air stream

Each level has a unique object that blows out a stream of air, which the player can ride. Some objects blow the player into the stream the moment s/he walks past them. Other objects have a high placement requiring the player to devise a method to reach the air streams. This method usually requires the player to change into a larger size and then place an item near the object, which the small player can use as a ‘ladder’ to reach the air streams.

Dangers in the air stream

When riding the air stream, the player has to avoid everyday objects in the ‘normal world’. Due to the player’s small height, hitting these objects drains much energy.

Attractions in the air stream

The player moves at high speed in the air streams. Sometimes, the air stream may branch off into multiple directions. By using the analogue stick to lean to a particular side, the player has some control over the direction s/he follows.

3D Concept Movies

Movie 2e - Demonstrates the player using an air vent to reach the outer-world.
Movie 3a - Shows the player accessing an air vent, riding an air stream and avoiding the dangers in the air stream.

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