Player Abilities and Controls

This section details:

  • The player’s abilities
  • The control pad buttons that control these abilities



(Analogue stick)
As with most videogames, pushing the analogue stick slightly allows the player to walk, whilst holding it down performs a run. The player can cover 1 meter in about 3 seconds when walking and in 1 second when running.

Turbo Run

[Small player only]
(Analogue stick)
The small player can access a unique ability called turbo run. This enables the player to move around the outer-world at high-speed, allowing vast sections of the game space to be crossed quickly.

When performing the move, atoms in the outer-world move out of the player’s path. The player, however, is still vulnerable to other dangers.

To initiate the move: Quickly press the analogue stick twice in a particular direction and then keep it held down in that direction after the second press.
To cancel the move: Let go of the analogue stick.

Advantages of Turbo Run:

  • advantage.jpg Allows vast sections of the outer-world to be crossed quickly, making it less tiresome to navigate.
  • advantage.jpg The player can quickly carry atoms between different sections of the outer-world.

Disadvantages of Turbo Run:

  • disadvantage.jpg The action buttons do not function whilst using the move.
  • disadvantage.jpg Using the move drains 2% of the player’s energy for each second the move is performed. (This prevents the player from misusing it, for example, to by pass all the obstacles the normal player encounters).
  • disadvantage.jpg The move cannot be performed if the player has less than 20% energy, and automatically cancels when the energy level reaches 10%.

Jump/Jump Attack

(Action Button 1)
Pressing the button once allows the player to jump roughly twice his/her height.

Pressing the button twice performs the jump attack. After the first jump, while the player is still in the air, s/he will automatically dive towards the nearest object, giving it a powerful kick. By using the analogue stick the player can direct the attack. The large size performs the attack with the lowest amount of aiming accuracy.

This is the player’s main attack against enemies and can be used to break open objects.


(Action Button 2)

This allows the player to grow from small-to-normal or normal to giant. Each use consumes one leaf. The player can initially hold up to 10 leaves, although this can be increased by obtaining the correct items at the shop.


(Action Button 3)

This allows the player to shrink from giant-to-normal or normal-to-small. Each use consumes one seed. The player can initially hold up to 10 seed, although this can be increased by obtaining the correct item at the shop.

Interact with Objects

(Action Button 4)

The player can interact with objects in three ways: by picking-up items, using items and throwing items.

Pressing the button when standing next to an item cause the player to pick it up.
The player can only hold one item at a time.

Pressing the button once while holding an item, causes the item to be used (when applicable). For example, the player may open a book, use a royal pass etc.

Holding down the button causes a cross hair to appear on screen. The player can then position the cross hair and let go of the button to throw the item in the specified direction. Note that it is not possible to throw an item when jumping, unless the player is holding a light atom.

While holding an item, the player is unable to change size. The one exception to this is if s/he is holding an atom, which will change in size according to the player.

Additional controls

Camera Control

(Secondary analogue stick)
Moves the camera. The giant player can move the camera over a significant distance. The small player can move the camera over a smaller distance.


(Start button)
Pressing start displays the save menu.
The player can manually save the game at anytime. However, when accessing a save, it is automatically deleted, which prevents the player from returning to that save if they make a mistake.
The game will automatically save after each main goal is completed. Automatic saves are not deleted, but the player cannot access them if s/he has made a manual save.

3D concept movies

Movie 4d, Movie 5a- Shows the player using the turbo run.

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