• Rats appear in certain parts of the library.
  • The can eat the small player and attack the normal player.

Description of obstacle

Small player technique

  • disadvantage.jpg The small player is completely defenceless to rats. If they spot the player, they will charge towards to him/her with great force and eat him/her up, causing loss of life.
  • advantage.jpg The small player can hide in bookcases to avoid the rats, provided that s/he reaches them in time.

Normal player technique

  • disadvantage.jpg The rats will charge at the normal player, causing him/her to lose energy when hit.
  • disadvantage.jpg If the player is holding an item, s/he will drop it when hit. The rats will take the item and run-off with it depositing it in another part of the library.
  • advantage.jpg The normal player can use the jump attack to scare the rats away.
  • disadvantage.jpg However, once the player has vacated the area (or shrunk to the micro-size), the rats will return.

Big player technique

  • advantage.jpg The giant player is completely invincible to the rats.
  • advantage.jpg Walking on a rat or jumping on it, will cause it to permanently flee the library leaving the area clear for the small and normal player.

Gameplay Qualities

theorytag_pacing.gif For the small player, the rats add a gradual increase of excitement, as they act as a danger.
theorytag_riskincentive.gif For the small player, there is the risk incentive of trying to hide from the rats in the shelves. This will provide the reward of uninterrupted exploration.

How does the player learn the solution?

theorytag_instinctive.gif theorytag_trialerror.gif
For the small player, the rats will have a menacing size, which will indicate fatal danger. The normal player can see that the rats move with force and speed which again indicates danger. The other solutions can be quickly worked out with a trial-and-error approach, which is unlikely to frustrate, as the player only incurs minimal losses for errors.

3D Concept Movies

Movie 3a - Demonstrates the rats in the outer-world.
Movies 5a Shows a rat attacking the player, and the player using the large size to defeat it.

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