Small Player Spaces


  • The small player can access the outer and inner-world.
  • The outer and inner-world are essentially catagories for dividing up the map.
  • They help to overcome the problems that come from allowing the player to shrink in size.
  • The outer-world occupies the majority of the map but is mostly barren.
  • The inner-world has a variety of attractions but only occurs in key locations of the map.

The outer-world

The outer-world occupies the majority of the map.
Usually, when the player shrinks down in size, s/he will be in the outer-world.
The outer-world is not different from the main space.
For example, on the library level, the normal player may be standing on carpet. If this player shrinks down, then the outer-world would be the carpet at a microscopic level.

The outer-world is mostly a barren space, which makes it easier to navigate.
It has three main attractions:
Outer-World Attraction 1 - Atoms
Outer-World Attraction 2 - Vermin
Outer-World Attraction 3 - Air streams

The inner-world

The inner world is hidden in key locations of the map. The player must use the Air Streams in the outer-world to reach it.

Unlike the outer-world, the inner-worlds are much more fantasy based. They take the player to strange new spaces that differ greatly from the main level. Despite this, they are still grounded in the main level, allowing the player to have a clear sense of the main level.

The inner-worlds consist of:
Inner World 1 - Germ World
Inner World 2 - Book World

3D Concept Movies

Movie 2e - Shows the player shrinking down to enter an inner-world and using an air vent to reach the outer-world.
Movie 3a - Demonstrates the three attractions in the outer-world.
Movies 5a - Demonstrates the player shrinking to enter the outer-world.

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